Engel pin voor het trouwen.

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Een trouw engeltje in een mooi doosje.
Merk Russ Berrie & Co

Wedding Keepsake pin
May angels look down from above And bless your wedding day With happiness and love.
Bridesmaid Like an angel You stood at my side On that special day I becamea bride.
Flower Girl You're sweet as an angel. To be at my side on the day I become a bride
Daddy's little girl You've always been daddy's little girl. And now on this day when dreams come true...
I feel so blessed to have. An angel like you.
Daughter A gift for my daugher. I've cherished in every way... Nay angels watch over you. On your wedding day.
Something Old Something New Something old Something new... Nay angels look down And watch over you.

Prijs 4,50
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Wedding keepsake pin -keuze-, Daughter, Sominting old, Daddy's little girl, Bride, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl